Our online workshops are currently full. However, you can find a self-management workshop in your community or find an arthritis self-mangement tool kit filled with tips for managing arthritis using the links below.

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Find an arthritis self-mangement tool kit

The Arthritis Foundation also has an online community for people living with arthritis.

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Better Choices, Better Health ® Arthritis has been proven to help people better manage their arthritis and other arthritis-related conditions. Learn about the successes of in-person workshop participants here.

“Thank you so much for the very informative 6 week class. Instructors promoted action plans to get me moving and goals to keep me focused rather than to concentrate on my pain and autoimmune disease. I thought the problem-solving steps were really interesting.” – Norma P.

“What a fabulous experience! The class was so rewarding, important and I will be forever grateful that it exists. I feel as though I am a prepared and a well-informed self-manager. I find myself improving physically and mentally because I am actively using the problem-solving techniques, working through the pain cycle and shutting it down much sooner. As a result, I have fewer flare ups from my rheumatoid arthritis. Personally, I feel better than I have felt in long time.” –Barbara S.

“I learned a lot about what one can do to improve arthritis and its symptoms outside of the realm of medicine. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to learn new skills for managing my condition. I know they will contribute to my overall health now and in the future.” – Judi B.

“My mental attitude was almost worse than the pain of arthritis. Upon entering this class I realized I was not alone. By the end of the first class my mental attitude improved tremendously. The program is now over and mentally and emotionally I am a different person. This all due to this wonderful program and the inspirational instructors.” – Mary Kay G.

“The information you gave us is wonderful and I have been practicing and using the skills daily. I am able to move without stiffness and pain, plus it feels good. I have wanted to get back to setting goals and the class helped me accomplish this.” – Lois W.

“Your enthusiastic and well-informed presentations have helped me to learn new methods of coping with my arthritis and fibromyalgia. Due to this information I am now practicing daily relaxation techniques, exercises and walking. I feel so much better than I did at the beginning of the class!” – Jackie N.

“I gained a great many positive skills in this 6 week class that I will be able to implement in my daily routine. I think you do a wonderful service with your very vibrant and informed instructors.” –Lois M.